My paintings express the emotions of the preverbal mind by liberating the ideas and feelings that lie beneath the surface of my consciousness. Using multiple layers of paint as well as tools to cut, gouge, scrub and scrape the paint, I create my own language for communicating dreams, ideas, fears, and hopes. The effect of peeling off or gouging out shapes in the multilayered bed of paint creates a multi-dimensional composition. The effect of these rough-edged and deeply gouged shapes on the paint of under-layers makes them dynamic independent elements against the dominant backdrop. Intentional decisions relating to design and composition are made at every stage of my process and these decisions determine the outcome and success of my paintings. Nothing like it has been painted prior to the moment that I pick up my painting tools. There is a point in all creative work when disparate elements pull together and the image becomes clear. Non-objective art is like seeing a thing before the brain has time to label and define it. It also requires a collaboration between the artist and audience to bring the process full circle.